You’ve just got engaged, don’t panic and breathe!

Congratulations you’ve just got engaged!

Don’t Panic and Breathe!

Perhaps you never thought it would happen, but your loved one has just proposed, you have said yes and now you have a ring on your finger! This is one of the most fantastic, amazing, wonderful and fun times ever.

So what now, OMG,  do you start looking at dresses? what about the venue? who do you invite?…………there are so many things to think about that here, at Perfectly Placed, we have compiled our top 7 do’s and don’ts of the important things you should think about following an engagement and over the coming days we will provide more helpful advice on how to plan the perfect wedding.

So as a starter…..


  1. Tell your family, including your gran first and in person wherever possible, before posting on Instagram or updating your Facebook status.
  2. Get your ring re-sized immediately if it doesn’t fit, we know you really want to wear it and show it off but if it doesn’t fit it can easily be lost so also
  3. Get your ring insured – often this can be added easily to your house contents insurance
  4. Get a manicure for that all important ring selfie
  5. Start thinking about a budget
  6. Open a wedding savings account and
  7. Enjoy/take time out – it’s so important to make the most of the first few days/weeks of being newly engaged before launching into full-blown wedding planning, it will be all-consuming so enjoy the moment whilst you can. 


  1. Don’t rush out and buy your wedding dress – tempting as it is. Shopping for your dress is a very special occasion, one to savour so make the most of the search for your perfect dress.
  2. Choose your wedding party straightaway and
  3. Don’t try and firm up your wedding guests…….just yet
  4. Don’t wear your ring if it doesn’t fit
  5. Don’t book anything, there are so many things to think about first that it’s important not to rush into making any decisions
  6. Don’t go on a diet, usually, it’s 12 to 18 months between getting engaged and your wedding day, so if you feel you need to diet you have time.
  7. And finally, don’t worry and breathe!

Watch out for our future blogs where we will cover:

  1. Wedding planning – a checklist to help you get organised
  2. Budget calculator
  3. Where to get ideas
  4. Building a wedding website
  5. And much, much more.

But in the meantime just enjoy the moment, and if you do have any questions we would love to hear from you 🙂

Emma and Sue


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