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One of the best things about what we do is getting to know our couples, finding out how they met, what they most enjoy about each other, their shared interests, and their plans for the future together once the wedding is over. We always encourage them to reflect their life together and aspirations in their preparations for the Big Day. 

Just recently we’ve had a lot of success with helping couples create their own favours, but not just making them themselves, making them reflect them; one couple were known for their love of Indian and Asian food and the groom famed for his homemade chutneys;  their favours were individual pots of lime pickle and mango chutney. A bride in another couple was known for her homemade liqueurs and theirs were tiny bottles of sloe gin. Neither of these ideas were expensive but in preparing them themselves the couples were giving the gift of time and love to their guests which everyone found very touching.

Another aspect we’re starting to see emerging, and we are loving helping out with, are decorations and table centres made from or being destined for the homes and gardens of our couples. They don’t have to be complicated and can be an element of a setting that is mainly created from props that your venue or event stylist is creating.

One couple wanted to create a herb garden so their table centres were very simple, the pots of herbs they were to use in their garden simply placed in brightly coloured pots. After the wedding each time they picked a herb it brought the wonderful memories of the day back.

And there were the succulent table centres that once used were dismantled and now form a simple but elegant decoration in a conservatory dining room.

For next year we’re already making the mercury glass vases for the wildflower centres from the garden for one wedding. And are putting together ideas to use the abundance of eucalyptus growth that another couple has on their tree.

There’s never a bad idea if it reflects you and your lives together. If you’ve got ideas but need help executing them or just have a concept you’d like to explore do get in touch, we’re always happy to help!

The PP team.xx

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