Venue dressing – thinking of DIY?

We see a lot of couples dress some or all of the wedding venue themselves, this is usually for two reasons, one to add that personal touch to the space and secondly cost.

We know from our own experience as venue dressers how much effort is required before the big day and how much is actually required afterwards that largely goes unseen. As you may have read recently in our previous posts we were fortunate enough to support the Weston Area Health Trust awards event.

To deliver the lovely apothecary jar table centres it  took weeks of effort to agree the design, make up the table centres,  which included remote controlled lights, and then testing that everything worked ok as well as checking that everything was clean and undamaged and perfect in every way.

As we were dealing with glass, we needed to make sure that on the day the table centres were transported safely, imagine after all that work arriving with some items damaged! After arriving in one piece, we could then begin to actually dress the tables. As we had prepped the majority of items before the event, setting up on the day was relatively straightforward, although as is often the case we do have to work around people laying the table with cutlery and glasses, sorting out the music, lighting etc, etc. For this event end to end with three of us we spent a good couple of hours at the venue, sometimes it can be much longer.

And then of course it doesn’t end there, the following morning was collection time, working around everyone tidying up from the night before and preparing for the next event, and then back home. Another day spent unpacking all of the centres and re-boxing ready for storage.

So if you are going to ‘do it yourself’,  here are Perfectly Placed’s things to consider…

  • Decide on your budget and stick to it, it will be so easy to go over as all the small things gradually add up
  • List out everything you want – from the table centres to table planners, favours, place names, table numbers, napkins, signs etc etc
  • Where will you get inspiration, with so many different options it can feel overwhelming
  • How complicated is your design
  • What are the components of your design – there is generally more involved than at first sight
  • Provisionally decide how much time you realistically have to spend in advance of the big day on making or preparing all of the decorations  – it will feel almost like a full time job!
  • Who can you ask to help spread the load – are friends and family available
  • Where will you buy everything you need
  • How will you transport the decorations to the venue
  • What will you do with everything after the event
  • What time will the venue allow you to set up, if you can get in the day before – great!
  • What rules does the venue have e.g. hanging decorations?, real candles?
  • Does the venue require any form of insurance
  • What time can you arrive at the venue to dress it and then,
  • How much time will you actually have on the big day to decorate it before you need to go and put on your wedding dress……..

If you do find you would like help with any arrangements, whether big or small, why not talk to us  – it may be more affordable than you think and definitely a less stressful experience!


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