Why are ‘Winter Weddings’ less popular?

Our busiest time is March through to August, with a few weddings in September and October and I can’t believe it’s now the start of November.  As I reflect on the year, my thoughts turn to how lovely it can be at this time of year, cold crisp sunny days, the beauty of fresh snow on the ground and wondered why winter weddings were less popular.  

My best friend got married 19 years ago on the 7th November. The colour was purple and my friend wore a white faux fur cape. The church was decked out with candles and looked amazing. The reception was at a local hotel, and in addition to the usual speeches I took it upon myself as the best friend/maid of honour to also give a speech.  It was just a wonderful experience.

So to help make the decision, here are some great reasons why you should consider a winter wedding:

The Weather

Let’s get this one out of the way first :-),

If you’re marrying in winter, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, sun or if it’s going to be cold. You’ll be expecting winter weather, your guests will be ready for it and you’ll probably be holding your wedding indoors.

And if it does snow, what a great photo opportunity!

In addition to this did you know that snow on your wedding day is supposed to be a sign of prosperity and fertility.

Choice of venue

If you have set your heart on a particular venue, rather than wait what could be a couple of years to find availability in the summer months, opt for the winter period, there is likely to be more availability and choice.


This is another big win of a winter wedding. In addition to the venue costs which are likely to be cheaper with some venues offering deals, other suppliers may have off season rates as well. So a win win!

Shorter days mean longer romantic evenings

This provides an opportunity to get married a little earlier and start the evening celebrations a bit earlier, so you have more time to enjoy the day. Think about dressing the venue in fairy lights and candles to add a lovely romantic feel and if the venue has an open fire even better. Throw in some mulled wine and everyone’s happy!

Highlight of the year

A winter wedding date is great, it gives people something to look forward to and if planned during the Christmas period, your guests may already be taking time off work so a weekday wedding could become even more viable and memorable. Visualise having your wedding photos taken beside a beautifully adorned Christmas tree….. with fireworks going off in the background!

So what is stopping you from having that very romantic, highlight of the year, winter wedding!

The PP team XX

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