For the Love of an Engagement Ring

Neil hadn’t brought a ring in advance of his proposal because he wanted to ensure Amberley chose something that she would love forever (other than Neil himself obviously!) but to mark the occasion Neil did buy Amberley a ‘temporary’ ring.

A lot of time and thought then went into finding an engagement ring that was just right. Scouring many jewellers, getting ideas and eventually finding the Gold and Platinum Studio who created exactly what Amberley had in mind which was something unique and amazing!

Having caught up with Amberley following the collection of her ring and the seeing the ring selfie, we talked not only about how beautiful it was but how much work goes into producing a ring. A few photos were captured of the ring in its various stages of completion which I share here.

My reflection of all of this is that love goes into designing and creating an engagement ring, love underpins the buying of the engagement ring and love is demonstrated by the wearing of an engagement ring,  and that is all that really matters.


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