Any celebration big or small………!

It can’t have gone unnoticed that the NHS turned 70 this year. Many events have taken place recognising the amazing individuals that support and keep the NHS running and saving lives every day.

The Weston Area Health Trust had one such awards ceremony at the Winter Gardens this weekend which saw over 250 NHS staff come together to be recognised for all the great work they do day in and day out.

We were privileged and delighted therefore, to have been asked to provide the table dressing for this very special occasion and what a great occasion it was to showcase our wonderful apothecary jars!

As you may know we usually blog on everything wedding related but felt it appropriate this time to share a couple of things you may not know about the NHS (The Star Medical, 13th June 2018) and what a wonderful organisation it is:

1. Aneurin Bevan created the NHS

Aneurin Bevan worked on the principal that the NHS should meet the needs of everybody, be free at the point of delivery, and based on clinical needs and not the ability to pay; HE once said: “The collective principle asserts that…no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.” 

2. The NHS is the largest employer in the UK and 5th largest in the world

NHS England is the UK’s biggest employer.  The NHS employs a total of approximately 1.5 million people across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It’s also the world’s fifth largest employer behind the US Department of Defence, China’s People Liberation Army, Wal-Mart and McDonalds. 

3. The NHS budget started at £437 million

When the NHS launched 70 years ago it had a much smaller budget than today. It started off with a budget of £437 million, the equivalent of approximately £15 billion in today’s value. Today’s budget for the Department of Health lies at over £124.7 billion.

4. The World Stage

The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, a £27 million four-hour spectacular, featured a tribute to the NHS and all performers in the act came from the NHS and local schools. Creator Danny Boyle said “it’s something that we are really proud of. It celebrates something unique about this country.”



Sue and I felt really proud to support the Weston Area Health Trust and no matter how big or small your celebration is, we hope to do you proud too.


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