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I have always been fascinated by weddings.

Growing up I was lucky enough to live close to our local church and church hall so most Saturday afternoons I could be found watching the brides coming and going to their ceremonies and celebrations. Looking back I wasn’t dreaming about my wedding I was looking at how much the dresses, flowers and decorations all fitted together. It sparked a lifelong love of all things special and the ambition to recreate the things I saw for myself – and take them to the next level.

In my early twenties I supplemented my income by making wedding and evening dresses for friends and neighbours and as a creative type I was at my happiest when they also asked me to help with decorating the church and reception.

It was only when I remarried in 2011 in a place where I had no friends and family nearby that I realised how difficult it is to have a stress-free wedding in the way you want it if you have to do it all yourself! There were no companies like Perfectly Placed around at the time so on the morning of the wedding my husband and I were at the venue at 7:30am setting up and didn’t get to say goodbye properly to our guests at the end of the evening as we were busy packing everything up before it was locked up.

In early 2017 the opportunity to take over the venue styling aspect of the beautiful All Things Bridal business arose and it didn’t take much thinking about. Emma and I got together and Perfectly Placed was formed!

It is a joy being able to help brides have the day they dream of. We are lucky that my husband Howard is just as creative and practical as I am and if we don’t already have something in our vast array of creations, between us we can turn our hand to it and make that special element.

Whether we are working with couples to develop their thoughts into realities or executing an already well formed idea I feel very lucky that both mine and Emma’s passion is to give that extra ‘something’ to the day so that they can relax and enjoy it knowing that everything is taken care of and just perfect.

I love this business!!!


Designer of all things beautiful

I have a real passion for everything that helps make a wedding day magical.

It is such a beautiful occasion and it gives me the opportunity to experience the joy of getting married 365 days a year!

the wedding day marks the time when two people in love come together in front of family and friends to share their commitment to each other and as such is one of the most important and special days in their lifetime.

My aim is to provide an experience second to none which brings to life a bride’s vision of her perfect day. I ensure that my contribution whether large or small creates the perfect backdrop removing one less thing for the bride to worry about.

I feel very lucky that such a great opportunity arose to go into business with Sue and one that I was not going to miss as it has helped me realise some of my own dreams and aspirations.

We love our business. pride ourselves in offering exceptional value and service and are trusted by our brides to deliver amazing results making dreams come true and memories that will last forever!

I hope you will come on this journey with us, it’s one not to be missed!


Keeping the cogs turning, marketing and design trainee

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